Mentos Be Momentos

Perfetti Van Melle group is running “Be Momentos”, an integrated advertising campaign for Mentos Chewy Dragees mints, launched by BBH Asia Pacific in over several markets starting with South Korea and the Philippines. The regional campaign includes a new commercial with an unexpected take on the usually serious and highly competitive spirit seen at a track and field race. The usually silent and faceless sports ‘mascot’ decides to ‘Be Momentos’ when he surprises everyone with a sudden and dramatic act.

Be Momentos Mascot

Click on the image below to play the Be Momentos video.

Adrian Chan, art director at BBH Asia Pacific, explains the campaign. ” ‘Be Momentos’ is about encouraging you to abandon inhibitions and do something amazing, ‘legendary‘, no matter how outlandish. So what better way to mentally liberate yourself from any negative voices in your head, than to shut them up with a deliciously, chewy Mentos?”

Be Momentos Credits

The Be Mementos campaign was developed at BBH Asia Pacific by creative directors Steve Elrick and Ashidiq Ghazali, art director Adrian Chan, copywriter Douglas Hamilton, account planners Fredrick Sarnblad and Alexis de Montaigu, business directors Frances Great and David Webster, account director Eugenie Yeo, account manager Prema Techinamurthi, agency producer Kristin Armstrong.

Filming was shot by New York directing duo The Sniper Twins (Barry Flanagan & Dax Martinez-Vargas) via Independent, London, with producer Dickie Jeffares.

Music was produced by Fuse. Post production was done at Black Ginger, Cape Town.