Meet New People But Not This Way

Bucharest Traffic Police has been encouraging people to meet new people, but not in the context of alcohol-related car accidents. In Romania, almost all cases of driving under the influence, more than 80%, are related to social drinking. People tend to go out and indulge in social drinking to facilitate meeting new people and establishing new relations. As a parallel, the connections one makes during a dramatic moment, like an accident, are much stronger than those made with regular new acquaintances. Two print ads contrast an apparently normal situation and a tragic accident, communicating the main message: driving under the influence can have devastating consequences. “There are better ways to meet new people”.

Bucharest Police print advertisement

Bucharest Police print advertisement


The Bucharest Police campaign was developed at Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania, by creative group director Ionut Rusu, creative director Liviu Turcanu, art director Tiberiu-Cristian Papa, copywriter Simona Lazar, junior copywriter Ruxandra Papuc. Photography by Dan Vezentan was retouched at New Folder, Bucharest.

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