Meaty Meals Heist

Purina is promoting Bakers ‘Meaty Meals’ with Heist, a spoof of The Italian Job, in which a group of enterprising dogs hijack a delivery van. Pippin and the rest of the Bakers Gang have headed abroad to intercept a Bakers Meaty Meals delivery van and its cargo of delicious succulent meaty chunks. The Meaty Meals Heist goes well, but in the escape over the mountains the team comes a cropper. Luckily Pippin has a great idea. And it’s down to the smallest member of the gang to show her bravery and rescue the Bakers Meaty Meals. Bakers have a history of creating fun, tongue-in-cheek advertising that highlights dogs’ enjoyment of their products. This execution keeps these sentiments at heart, and stretches the scale of the dogs’ endeavours.

Meaty Meals Heist Van

Click on the image below to play the Meaty Meals Heist video.

Meaty Meals Heist Credits

The Meaty Meals campaign was developed at DDB London by creative director Kent Shively, copywriter Will Lowe, art director Victor Monclus, planner Vicki Holgate, agency producer Vicky Cullen, account team Daniel Taylor and Cameron Powrie working with Bakers senior brand manager Vicky Bates.

Filming was shot by director Trevor Melvin via RSA Films, London, with director of photography Ole Birkeland and producer Rupert Unwin.

Sound was produced at Clear Cut Sound by sound engineer Mark Hellaby.

Media was placed by Mindshare by media planner Stefan Jansen.

Meaty Meals Pippin in Van Meaty Meals Heist