ME Models on Environment

Model Environment, a new organisation of fashion models working on environmental and social causes, is running “Helene on Toilet Paper”, a PSA focusing on responsible use of paper and “Nina on Cleaning Products”, an equally camp commercial focusing on natural cleaning products. The Helene on Toilet Paper spot features model Helene Traasavic relieving her bladder on an open-air toilet in the middle of the forest as she dishes on how to avoid being wasteful with paper products. “Nina on Cleaning Products”, features Nina Smidt getting down on the floor to demonstrate the power of natural ingredients.

Model Environment Helene Traasavic on Toilet Paper

Click on the image below to play the Helene on Toilet Paper video.

Click on the image below to play the Nina on Cleaning Products video.

Model Environment Credits

Filming was shot by director Jeffrey Karoff via The Artists Company, New York and Los Angeles, with producer Stacy Manzanet, writer Christy Beck and director of photography Anghel Decca.

Editorial work was done by editor Brandon Beck and mixer Damon Trotta at Northern Lights, New York City.