McDonalds Proud Papa

McDonalds brought in “Proud Papa”, a commercial from April 2010, to show during the 2011 Super Bowl. The ad features two brown bears, father and son (Kevin), who head off to McDonald’s to celebrate a great school report. By McDonald’s we mean the closest car with passengers enjoying takeaways.

McDonalds Proud Papa bear

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The Proud Papa ad was developed at Leo Burnett Chicago by executive creative director John Montgomery, creative directors Reed Collins and Bob Winter, executive producer Denis Giroux, account director Bob Raidt, account supervisor Stephanie Solley.

Filming was shot by director Bryan Buckley via Hungry Man with executive producer Cindy Becker and line producer Mino Jarjoura.

Editor was Chris Franklin at Big Sky Editorial, New York, with executive producer Cheryl Panek and VFX producer Ryan Sears. Post production was done at Radar.

Sound was designed and arranged by John Binder at Another Country.

  • Reno Sommerhalder

    I am not sure how in the world anyone would ever want to take credit for such incredibly bad and sensationalistic film making. This ad is not only disgraceful and lacks any respect for wild bears but the way the bear is here portrait has little to do with this animal in reality. Unfortunately it is such ads that have a big negative impact not only on our view of bears as being overly aggressive but also that it is cool to feed road side bears.

    Pretty much everything is wrong with this ad. Obviously the makers have thought of one thing only; how to make a fast buck.

    I must say I have more respect for every mosquito then for the producers and for McD management who ordered this ad to be done.

    Reno Sommerhalder