McDonalds Burger Roulette

McDonald’s offers so many burgers in their menu. How do you decide which one to eat today? Burger Roulette is a Facebook app that helps you find the right burger for your mouth. Just open your mouth in front of the webcam, and a burger will be selected that suits the size of your gape! It’s all part of a project by Miami Ad School students Shahak Shapira and Edi Inderbitzin.

McDonalds Burger Roulette Facebook app


The Burger Roulette app is a student concept made by art directors Shahak Shapira and Edi Inderbitzin at Miami Ad School Europe, Berlin.

Music is “Take It Off” by The Donnas.

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  • Brown

    invite more people to this community to share which is good enough to eat and for Mc Donald there is no need of advertisement for them just by mouth publicity it has grown well in the market.

    • Michael Jones

      It’s a great idea, good concept. I feel it would be more appropriate for Burger King or Wendy’s.