Max F. Perutz in Vienna

Max F. Perutz Laboratories are inviting talented students from all over the world to apply for spaces in the graduate program to join research in molecular biosciences, exploring life at a cellular, molecular and atomic level. The institute is located at the Vienna Biocenter Campus. The invitation has been put into film with an international flavour with “Vienna A Living Space For Science”.

Max Perutz Vienna Space


The Vienna video was comissioned by Bauer Konzept & Gestaltung, Vienna. Filming, post production and sound design were produced at LWZ, Austria.

The LWZ team were inspired by a quote by Max F. Perutz himself….

“Creativity in science, as in the arts, cannot be organized. It arises spontaneously from individual talent. Well run laboratories can foster it, but hierarchical organization, inflexible, bureaucratic rules, and mountains of futile paperwork can kill it. Discoveries cannot be planed; they pop up … in unexpected corners. ” (Max F. Perutz, I Wish I´d Made You Angry Earlier, 1998)

“We have to confess that we were simply amazed by this quotation of Max F. Perutz. Not only because it appeared very unusual to us – coming from a scientist, but rather for its overlapping application. There is a lot in his idea of a perfect space that can be transfered into many other fields. In a way, our collective is based on a similar “concept” – so we were really happy to transform the LWZ into a little LAB for the last weeks to realise this video for the Max F. Perutz International PHD Program.”

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