Marie Claire Body Posters

Marie Claire South Africa, in its annual body issue, asked six advertising agencies to design posters that challenge our perceptions on what the perfect body is. Would any of these campaigns alter the way you feel about your body? “We don’t all have the same body type but, regardless of this, we are all perfect. So, what is it going to take for you to love your body?” writes editor Aspasia Karras. We’ve included here the entries from The Jupiter Drawing Room, M&C Saatchi, Ogilvy, King James, TBWA and Canvas Lifestyle.

Marie Claire Body Issue - Jupiter Drawing Room

“If you were to get rid of everything you hated, what would be left?” (The Jupiter Drawing Room)

Marie Claire Body Issue - Jupiter Drawing Room

“Which part of your body would the people who love you change? Love yourself like those who love you.” (The Jupiter Drawing Room)

Marie Claire Body Issue - M&C Saatchi

“When will you stop worrying about your appearance? Love the body you live in.” (M&C Saatchi)

Marie Claire Body Issue - Ogilvy

“How do you measure yourself? These days size isn’t just a number. It’s the way you feel in the changing room. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day. It’s how you see yourself every time you look in the mirror. But what if all that went away? What if, instead of seeing xs or ls, we saw what’s really there – amazing, beautiful healthy bodies? Maybe it’s time to change the way we think about size.” (Ogilvy South Africa)

Marie Claire Body Issue - King James

“You wish you had Stephanie’s skin, and Stephanie wishes she had Tasj’s boobs, and Tasj wishes she had Cassie’s legs, and Cassie wishes she had Emma’s eyes, and Emma wishes she had Dineo’s hair, and Dineo wishes she had Tam’s ass, and Tam wishes she had Naomi’s body, and Naomi wishes she had Tina’s thighs, and Tina wishes she had Zwe’s stomach, and Zwe wishes she had Alex’s mouth, and Alex would kill to have your freckles. Love what you got.” (King James)

Marie Claire Body Issue - TBWA

“Imperfect. I’m Perfect. Start seeing things the way you really are.” (TBWA)

Marie Claire Body Issue - TBWA

“Why change perfection? You’re beautiful the way you are.” (TBWA)

Marie Claire Body Issue - Canvas Lifestyle

“Add crow’s feet for watching kids soccer matches. Add freckles from long lazy days on Clifton. Add laugh lines from girls nights out. Add scar from first dog Roxy. Add centimetres from winter night hot chocolates and box set DVDs. Add caesarean scar from your first born son. Add tan line from wedding ring. Add cellulite from your favourite heavenly chocolate brownies. Add scar from climbing a tree in the back yard. Add blisters from your favourite pair of Jimmy Choos. Love the body you’re in.” (Canvas Lifestyle)

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