Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Streets Magnum is running Magnum Pleasure Hunt, an online experience that takes participants on a journey across the internet in search of the ‘ultimate pleasure’. Using a keyboard, players control the ‘pleasure seeker’, a beautiful young woman, to navigate her through a series of replica websites, interacting with each site and collecting cranberry fruit pieces to score points along the way.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt on Citrine

Highlights of the site include the character jumping into a Samsung GALAXY Tab, ‘gatecrashing’ a fashion show on YouTube, hi-jacking a hang-glider from a ski resort and driving a luxury Saab in a video-game style scenario where the player controls the car. In the end frame, the pleasure seeker reaches the ultimate pleasure – the new Magnum Temptation Fruit – and the player’s score in the game is displayed. Once the player has completed the game, they can challenge friends to beat their score by simple e-invite or via social media sites, including Facebook.

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The Australian version of the Magnum Pleasure Hunt has been adapted to include the latest product from Streets Magnum, Temptation Fruit, and is based on a global execution developed by Swedish agency Lowe Brindfors, based in Stockholm.

Andrea Martens, Marketing Director, Streets, said: “We’re very excited to launch the Magnum Pleasure Hunt, which delivers a truly unique online brand experience. What makes the execution really compelling is that Magnum has partnered with other premium brands in areas such as fashion, beauty, travel and technology, which resonate with our target consumer.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt on YouTube

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Magnum Pleasure Hunt on Saab

“The game itself is inspired by classic adventure-style platform-games but for the first time, it’s been transformed to a modern, cinematic experience, unlike anything that’s been seen before. A trained ballerina was filmed performing more than 50 different moves, including running, diving and somersaults, which are seamlessly edited in postproduction to give the character lifelike movements in the game engine. To further add to the gaming experience, a sound engine is built in, allowing the music to become dynamic and follow the user’s movements, which helps set the tone and mood in each scene the character visits.

The Magnum Pleasure Seeker was developed using Adobe Flash. The site will be supported by a media campaign and is linked from the My Magnum website and Magnum’s Australian Facebook page, which has almost 80,000 fans.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt on YouTube


The Pleasure Hunt campaign was developed at Lowe Brindfors, by art directors Patrik Westerdahl and Petter Lublin, copywriter Henrik Haeger, strategic director Oscar Erlandsson, designer Ellinor Bjarnolf.

Production was by B-Reel. Sound was produced at Plan8.

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