Magners Bees and Strongman

Magners has launched its latest advertising campaign as part of its “There’s Method in the Magners” concept launched last year. We are back in the Magners’ hometown of Clonmel, in County Tipperary, Ireland for two new television commercials “Bees” and “Strongman” directed again by Ivan Zacharias of Stink.

Magners Bees

“Bees” focuses on the importance of the insect, which pollinate the apples that make Magners Original. It follows a day in the life of Eamonn, the Magners beekeeper, and opens on him taking an early morning bath, wearing the beard of bees that he takes to work everyday. Click on the image below to play the Bees video.

“Strongman”, promoting the launch of the new variant, Magners Golden Draught, focuses on the exploits of a local strong man who is the only man in the town capable of extracting the juice from the small, hard to crush apples that go into making Magners Golden Draught. Click on the image below to play the Strongman video.

Magners Bees Credits

The Method in the Madness campaign was developed at The Red Brick Road by creatives Peter Heyes and Matthew Lee, agency producer Charles Crisp and account director Oliver Clark.

Filming was shot by director Ivan Zacharias via Stink, London, with producer Nick Landon, executive producer Robert Herman, production manager Sophie Hubble, director of photography Jan Velicky, and editor Filip Malasek at Robota. Post production was done at The Mill, London, by VFX producer Gemma Smith, 2D Lead Artists Barnsley and Grant Connor, 3D lead artist Juan Brockhaus, 2D artists Gareth Brannan, 3D artists Aidan Gibbons, Mel Tonkin, Greg Malkin and Eva Kuehlmann, matte painter Dave Gibbons, Lead Nuke Juan Brockhaus, and smoke artist James Pratt.

Lead Nuke & 3D artist Juan Brockhaus explains what was required to create a beard of bees, “Looking at a real live reference for the beard bee movement we developed a ‘bee-beard-crowd-behaviour-system’ in Softimage using ICE and emFlock. It had to look and behave realistically, but not look unpleasant. The bees are friends with the bee-keeper, very good friends. “The bees flying around the head and crawling on the shirt were hand animated ‘hero-bees’ to keep full control. Some bees on the shirt were tracked in Flame using rendered 3D elements to give more flexibility in the making and composition of the shot. To render and match the CG bees into the plate, the head movement had to be tracked and the lighting from the set re-created.”