Madagascar Carnet de Voyage

Madagascar Carnet de Voyage (Voyage Diary) is one of the short films nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 2011 Academy Awards. Shot by French director Bastien Dubois, the 11 minute video introduces us to Madagascar through the glance of a carnetist (journal keeper). Pages turn and drawings liven up to for us to discover the extraordinary variety of the Red Island, in particular Famadihana, the cult of the reversal of the dead.

Madagascar Carnet de Voyage


Director Bastien Dubois, Paris, worked with graphic artist 3D Pierre-Alain Dubois, animation supervisor Noro Rakotomalala, script coordinator Zahra Bourhimi, technical director Marc Boyer, editor Boubkar Benzabat, sound editor Cyrille Lauwerier, sound effects artist Florian Fabre, Foley artist Yohann Angelvy, mixer Cyrille Lauwerier, embroiderer Evelyne Raharimalala, producers Ron Dyens and Aurelia Previeu, executive producer Marie Agnely, director of production Guilaine Bergeret, animation interns Antoine Delacharlery, Caroline Gasnier, Sandro Teixeira, Benjamin Drevet and Florence Bichon. Music is by Rabaza-Migegnere, Kintina Manga, with percussion sound designer David Khatile and soundscape designer Arno Alyvan.

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