Lynx Axe Angel Girlfriend

Unilever continues Fallen Angels campaign for Lynx and Axe brands with “Girlfriend”, an exploration of what would happen if a guy developed a romantic relationship with one of the angels who’s been drawn by the male fragrance. The angels have fallen once again, enticed by the seductive fragrance of Lynx Excite to move in with the men of earth. But but being an angel in love is not always plain sailing.

Lynx Angel Girlfriend

Click on the image below to play the My Angel Girlfriend video in YouTube (HD)


The Angel Girlfriend ad was developed at BBH, London, by creative directors Dominic Goldman and David Kolbusz, producer Chris Watling, team manager Jennifer Omran, team director Keir Mather.

Filming was shot in Prague by director Frank Todaro via Moxie Pictures, London, with producer Alicia Farren and director of photography Richard Mott. Local production was provided by production designer Petr Kunc at Unit + Sofa, Prague.

Post Production was done at The Mill. Editor was Bill Smedley at Work Post. Sound was produced at Wave Studios by audio engineer Aaron Reynolds and Ed Downham.

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  1. Richard Spilpleton says:

    What the name of actors?

  2. Michael Ians says:

    Who sang the song?

  3. Gazha Perdana says:

    MIchael Ians: Stone Poneys feat Linda Ronstadt

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