Lose Your Licence You’re Screwed

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) of South Australia has launched a new campaign to combat the over representation of young drivers in death and serious injury statistics. P-platers have been warned, “Lose your licence and you’re screwed”. The new Lose Your License campaign, specifically aimed at Learners and Probationary Licence holders, leverages the insight that young people fear “social death” over physical death itself. The campaign airs on TV from Sunday, July 10 and also includes cinema, outdoor, street press, radio (Booty Call) and online advertising.

Lose Your Licence and You're Screwed - Mule

Lose Your Licence and You're Screwed - Mum
Lose Your Licence and You're Screwed - Bike

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A light-hearted, engaging approach was chosen rather than conventional shock and horror tactics. “We had to present a case that was inarguable. These drivers are the most vulnerable to loss of licence because, for the most part, one infringement and they’re gone,” said Erik de Roos, Account Director, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. “It only takes one drink, one speeding offence, one burnout and they suffer the social humiliation and inconvenience that comes with the loss of their licence.” “To this target audience, their licence represents their independence and, ultimately, their freedom to do what they want when they want,” said Greg Knagge, Creative Director, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. “We found that loss of licence was about the only motivation that struck a chord.”

Lose Your License Credits

The Lose Your License You’re Screwed campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Adelaide by creative directors Greg Knagge and Geoff Robertson, creative team Amy Weston, Dave Lawson and Matt O’Grady, account director Erik de Roos, agency producers Holly Horne (TV), Yvonne Karabatsos (radio), and Michelle Treloar (print).

Filming was shot by director Al Morrow via Jungleboys, Sydney, with producer Chloe Rickard.

The radio ad was produced at Oasis Post and Eardrum.

The print campaign was produced by photographer Andres Bommert, retoucher James Lucas, producer Grant Navin and colour manager Paul Munzberg.