Lloyds Money Manager

Lloyds TSB is promoting its new free online money tracking service Money Manager with a new television advertising campaign featuring the much-loved animated Lloyds characters along with a new addition, Lloyds’ first hamster. With the help of the Money Manager service the hamster’s owners are able to successfully manage their money better online, despite splashing out on a gold-plated luxury cage in the past.

Lloyds Money Manager hamster

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The ongoing uncertain economic climate has caused people to be wary of the future, leaving them feeling the need to tighten their belts and stay in control of spending. Money Manager is an innovative way for Lloyds TSB to help its customers understand their money better – giving them added confidence and control.

Money Manager automatically sorts customer’s financial data in a clear and concise way, providing an instant overview of how they spend their money, when their regular payments are made, shown in a calendar and a ‘Category Breakdown’ pie chart to pin point where their money goes. Gone are the text, number and list heavy visuals.

The integrated campaign includes an online film and display, press and outdoor. The online elements to the campaign includes an online film where the characters from the Lloyds TSB World educate people on how to use this new service. Online also includes display assets ahead of the launch to raise awareness and a launch campaign taking visitors into the site www.lloydstsb.com/moneymanager

Lloyds Money Manager Credits

The Money Manager campaign was developed at RKCR/YR by creative director Damon Collins, copywriter Thais Delcanton, art director Darren Simpson, planner Tommy Mancktelow, account director Sarah Wood, account manager Mandeep Jagait and agency producer Danielle Sandler. Online components were developed in conjunction with RKCR/Y&R’s digital arm Saint.

Media planner was Dallia Hussein at MEC.

Animation was produced by director Marc Craste via Studio AKA. Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company, London.

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