Live To See Bin Laden Caught

ADESF, Associação de Defesa da Saúde do Fumante, (Association for Defense of Smokers’ Health) in Brazil, ran a print advertising campaign in 2008 predicting that Osama Bin Laden would be caught in 2066. “In 2066, Bin Laden will be caught. Live to see it. Quit smoking now.” With Bin Laden dead in 2011, it’s a good thing other predictions were included in the campaign. “In 2042, the temperature in cities will increase by 8 degrees on average”. “In 2048, traffic will grind to a standstill. In 2049 the second layer will be opened”. “In 2055 yogurt lids will finally work”.

ADESF Bin Laden

ADESF Temperature in 2042

ADESF Traffic in 2048

ADESF Yogurt lids in 2055


The Live To See campaign was developed at Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, by executive creative director Alexandre Gama, creative directors Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos, art director Max Geraldo, copywriter José Luiz Martins, and illustrator Bruno Borges.

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