LG Life’s Good Lounge for 3DTV

LG is running “Life’s Good Lounge”, an integrated campaign featuring comedians Tim Key and Lloyd Wolf, promoting the new 3D TV. “Rare Butterflies”, a 60 second 3D cinema commercial, introduced the pair and pointed to the digital campaign, leading from a studio to the presenter’s living room. The live lounge, online at LG and Facebook, provides “live” responses to commonly asked questions about 3DTV. Viewers can install an embeddable widget with access to the Life’s Good Lounge. People are also invited to pose their questions to @asklg3dtv on Twitter to be directed to their answers.

LG Lounge Rare Butterflies cinema commercial

Click on the image below to play the Rare Butterflies cinema commercial in YouTube

Commonly asked questions, sourced from the LG call centre, are each associated with a pre-recorded YouTube video. What is Cinema 3D? Do the 3DTVs come with glasses? Does 3DTV work with video games? What do I need to watch 3D? Is there a difference between 3DTV and 3D Cinema? What is 2D to 3D conversion? What can I watch in 3D? Has 3DTV changed? How does 3DTV work? What does Anaglyph mean? Can I watch 3DTV without glasses? What is Passive 3D? What is Active 3D? What types of 3DTV can I buy? Can I watch regular television on 3DTV? When watching 3DTV is it in high definition? What types of 3DTV can I buy? Is 3DTV safe? How much does a 3DTV cost? Should I buy a 3DTV now? Why are LG and Sky partners? Where can I buy a 3DTV?

Do 3DTVs come with glasses? Click on the image below to play the video.

This is what happened when Tim and Lloyd were asked to smile, play air guitar, fight, strip and cuddle. Click on the image below to play the video.

The Life’s Good Lounge is also to be found in shopping centres around the UK in a tour launched in Westfield Shopping Centre in London. The tour uses an interactive living room installation featuring an oversize sofa and 3D TV demo, giving shoppers the chance to experience the difference between active and passive 3D technology for themselves. With a sofa “big enough to fit the whole family” and treats to enjoy, visitors to the LG demo will be able to ask about the latest 3D tech, participate in 3D gaming and see what nature, sport and drama programmes look like in 3D. To mark the launch of the Life’s Good Lounge tour in London, LG was joined by seven Harry Potters all keen for first hand experience of the magic of 3D.

LG Lounge with Harry Potters

LG Life Lounge

Mike Woods, Digital Producer says “The widget was cleverly designed to make users feel like they are involved in a live debate with Key and Woolf. So rather than viewers seeing an obviously pre-recorded answer being downloaded in response to their question, our talented pool of software developers created complex algorithms that allowed for a locked-off video loop of the empty living room set to be always present on the site. At any point in the loop, this video then seamlessly transits into the pre-recorded answer video to create the false impression that the question is being answered live via a webcam set up in Key and Woolf’s living room.”

LG Life Lounge


The Life’s Good Lounge campaign was developed at Mindshare, London.

Filming was shot by director Richard Ayoade, the comedian known for his role as Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd. Production and post production were done at Framestore, London, by executive producer Simon Whalley, digital producer Mike Woods. Stereography and 3D camera system were provided by Inition.

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