Lexus Engineering Amazing

Lexus is continuing the Engineering Amazing advertising campaign with “Light”, a television commercial featuring the automotive brand’s digital crash test model technology. The scene opens in a dark room. A human form constructed of 119 points of light moves through space as if it is riding in an invisible vehicle. Suddenly, a more vibrant, detailed human form, with bones, muscles and organs constructed from 2,000,000 points of light, comes in to view, traveling toward the first figure. The two forms collide. Viewed in slow motion, we see that there is no comparison between an ordinary crash test dummy and a Lexus crash test genius in the throes of an accident. The spot illustrates how the Lexus digital crash test model gives the automaker an exponential leap in understanding how the human body responds to a collision, and the ability to design industry-leading safety technology.

Lexus Engineering Amazing Digital Crash Test Model

Click on the image below to play the Light video.

Lexus has released “The Anatomy of Safety”, a behind-the-story video that provides more information on how Lexus utilizes the digital crash test models to give engineers a better understanding of the human body. Click on the image below to play the Anatomy of Safety video.

Lexus is running the Engineering Amazing campaign in magazines including Food & Wine, GOOD, National Geographic, Playbill, Sports Illustrated and Vogue, as well as The New Yorker, Bon Appetit, and Wired on Flipboard for the iPad. Lexus is also running creative with The Daily Beast, Facebook®, Pandora® internet radio, pulse application and Twitter, in addition to sponsoring the YouTube mobile brand channel and Glam Media’s GlamMobile. Out-of-home billboards will appear on 28 permanent boards in 11 markets, and Lexus will take over D.C. Gallery Place with three digital units, including a wallscape.

Lexus has developed an iAd in which consumers can see if they have what it takes to drive an LFA supercar by testing their reaction time, focus and concentration with interactive mini games. Lexus is partnering with MSNBC Digital Network to sponsor “The New Tomorrow,” an online hub which allows consumers to submit innovative solutions to a solvable problem, “Turn What If? Into What Is.” The person(s) with the best solution will be invited to attend the renowned Startup Weekend, where they will have the chance to turn their winning idea into reality. Consumers can begin submitting ideas on Sept. 14, and the winning idea will be announced on Nov. 17.

Engineering Amazing Credits

The Engineering Amazing campaign was developed at Team One USA.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Kleinman via Rattling Stick, London, with director of photography Stephen Blackman.