Levis Go Forth in Berlin

Levi’s® is launching its first ever global integrated marketing campaign, “Go Forth”, as an extension of the US-focused campaign from 2009 and 2010. Levi’s announced the campaign at the Bread & Butter denim fair in Berlin, which also saw the launch of unique events created by Levi’s®, with its European advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, to celebrate this new direction for the brand. The campaign includes street murals, a screen printing workshop, and a limited edition newspaper.

Levis We Are Berlin

To honour the campaign, Levi’s® and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam collaborated with the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, to create a series of street murals that captures the faces of some of Berlin’s modern day pioneers in a dramatic and poetic way. These pioneers serve as an inspiration for the city and embody the ‘Go Forth’ spirit. Vhils sculpted the portraits of pioneers Fadi Saad, Various & Gould, Joe Hatchiban and Sven Marquardt into major building facades dotted throughout Berlin. A Making of documentary capturing Vhils’ at work complements the murals themselves.

Levis Go Forth Mural Fadi Saad

Levis Go Forth Mural Joe Hatchiban

Levis Go Forth Mural Sven Marquandt

Levis Go Forth Murals

Taking place from July 7 until August 18, the Levi’s® Print Workshop will be a temporary venue in Berlin for collaboration and creative production that celebrates the craft of screen printing. The workshop will serve as a community-based extension of ‘Go Forth,’ paying homage to the pioneering spirit of the Levi’s® campaign, the principle of civic engagement and the creative community of Berlin.

Levis Go Forth Now Is Our Time T-Shirt

Now is Our Time Screen Print

A limited edition newspaper “Now is our Time” was distributed at Bread & Butter, featuring editorials about the Berliner Pioneers featured in the Berlin arm of the Go Forth campaign, with photography from Anthony Georgis.

Levis Go Forth Murals

Levis Go Forth Murals

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