Land Rover Rare

Land Rover recently used rare animals and plants in an advertising campaign designed to promote and instill the classic adventurous spirit of Land Rover in the next generation of prospective owners. The brand campaign portrays Land Rover owners as a group of people with an unconventional point of view. For them, there is nothing special about rare creatures found in hidden places around the globe. They are merely food, camping tools or toilet papers. The campaign was based on an extensive zoological and botanical research and designed in a way that evokes a feeling of “textbook” pictorial illustrations . Keeping it raw and earthly to preserve the brand personality of Land Rover, the Y&R Dubai team used bad cut outs to evoke a “scrapbook” kind of feel, portraying biological and Land Rover perspectives on the Bosavi Giant Woolly Rat, Yakla Snow Lotus, Giant South African Earth Worm, Electric Eel, Luminous Millipede, Snow Mountain Garlic, Coromandel Striped Gecko, and Ecuadorian Hillstar. The campaign won a Silver Press Lion and a Bronze Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Land Rover Rare: Bosavi Giant Woolly Rat

Land Rover Rare: Yakla Snow Lotus

Land Rover Rare: Giant South African Earth Worm

Land Rover Rare: Electric Eel

Land Rover Rare: Luminous Millipede

Land Rover Rare: Snow Mountain Garilic

Land Rover Rare: Coromandel Striped Gecko

Land Rover Rare: Ecuadorian Hillstsar


The Rare campaign was developed at Y&R Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by chief creative officer/creative director/copywriter Shahir Zag, creative director/copywriter planner/designer Kalpesh Patankar, agency producer Amin Soltani, illustrator Jomy Varghese, account manager Farid Hobeiche, account supervisor Sarah Locke, working with Land Rover marketing manager Jean Atik.