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With the best acoustics and world class artists, you can experience music as never before in the Dortmund Concert Hall (Konzerthaus Dortmund), in Germany. However, it is not easy for the Concert Hall because the majority of the population is not particularly interested in this kind of music. German advertising agency Jung von Matt worked with the company to produce Concert Milk (Konzert Milch), encouraging people to experience the 2010/2011 season with their sense of taste. Working on the results of scientific research on classical music and milk production, members of the orchestra performed classical music to cows while milking in a dairy shed. The milk produced was sold in shops as ‘Dortmund Concert Milk’ and offered in nine varieties. Each bottle contained further information about the DCH season. The Concert Milk campaign won a Silver Design Lion and Silver Integrated Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

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“It has been scientifically proven that cows produce more milk when they listen to classical music. At the Dortmund Concert Hall, this inspired us to turn our music into a more tangible experience, a quest which took us all the way to Thomashof Burscheid. There we played an exclusive concert of selected classical music to 180 very lucky cows. The cows quickly acquired a taste for our classical strains, so we began treating them regularly to some of the greatest music of all time, performed by the best artists of the 2010/2011 Dortmund Concert Hall season. And because cows say thank you through their udders, these benevolent bovines have rewarded us with some very special milk. WHich means you’ll now be able to both listen to and taste the musical highlights of this season’s Dortmund Concert House program. Each drop is a veritable symphony of flavour.”

Dortmund Concert Milk Branding
Dortmund Concert Milk Branding

Dortmund Concert Milk Violinist
Dortmund Concert Milk Cellist
Dortmund Concert Milk Quartet
Dortmund Concert Milk Riccardo Chailly


The Concert Milk campaign was developed at Jung von Matt, Germany, by chief creative officer Sascha Hanke, creative directors Tobias Grimm, Jens Pfau, Jo Marie Farwick, art director Damjan Pita, client counsellors Jochen Schwarz, Dajana Quurk, Marijke Fisser, strategist Liane Siebenhaar, agency producer Meike van Meegen, designers Nicolas Schmidt-Fitzner, Christoph Maeder, Jan-Hendrik Scholz, Henning Robert, working with Konzerthaus Dortmund director Benedikt Stampa.

Filming was shot by director Silvio Helbig via Markenfilm with producer Claudia Westermann and Johannes Bittel. Post production was done at Infected by sound designer Mikis Meyer, and at VCC Agency für Postproduction. Editors were Tobias Suhm and Niels Münter.