Kohl’s Rebecca Black Friday

Kohl’s, the American department store chain, is cashing in on the high profile of Rebecca Black’s Youtube music video for “Friday” with a spoof promoting their Black Friday sale. A young woman (played by Julie Mann) sings her way through shopping at a local Kohl’s Black Friday sale, shadowed by Rebecca Black herself, dressed in a red top and grey hat. “Black Friday, Friday, everybody’s going there at midnight, midnight…”

Kohl's Black Friday ad with Rebecca Black

Click on the image below to play the Kohl’s Rebecca Black Friday video.


12 am still hours till morning
I’ve been online since yesterday
Smells good – I need coffee
Early bird specials (not today)

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta go to Kohl’s on Black Friday
Everybody’s going there at
midnight, midnight
Black Friday, Friday
Something that rhymes with Friday
But done, done, done
I’ll be done with this by the weekend!

Can’t get this damn song out of my head.

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