Kitadol War Heroes

Kitadol Período Menstrual, a pharmaceutical product produced by Laboratorio Chile, is specially designed to help women cope with the effects of menstrual pain and abdominal swelling. Marketing for the product includes advertising campaigns designed for men who suffer periodically with their spouses, including “Get Her Back“, an award winning print series from 2010, and “War Heroes”, the winner of a Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Three heroes, Hero Fran, Hero Marce, Hero Sara from the monthly wars appear with medals on their chests, with the tag line, “Your war is over (Tu guerra ha terminado). Kitadol. Menstrual relief.”

Kitadol Hero-Sara

Kitadol Hero-Fran

Kitadol Hero-Marce


The War Heroes campaign was developed at Prolam Y&R, Chile, by executive creative directors Tony Sarroca, Alvaro Becker, Francisco Cavada, creative director Max Konig, art directors Pablo Urrutia, Fabrizio Capraro, copywriter Tomas Cisternas, account manager Francisco Cardemil and photographer Patricio Pescetto.

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