Kichwateli – TV Head

“Kichwateli” (Swahili for TV-head) is a short poetic film set in a post-apocalyptic African slum and city which takes the viewer on a spiritual and metaphorical voyage through a young boy’s dream. The film mixes new imagery of a young boy (actor Carlton Namai) walking around with a live TV as his head, with stunning visual effects to show the effects of media on a young generation or the society at large. Featuring music by Just A Band (super-nerdy multi-genre-multi-disciplinary afro-electro-pop band/art collective), Modeselektor (Berlin’s breakbeat duo) and Maasai Mbili (Nairobi-based Art group) this film is a metaphor for the way we are now all plugged into the same images of global anxiety while at the same time being ourselves subjects of scrutiny of the all-seeing ubiquitous cameras.

Kichwateli News in Brief

Kichwateli Credits

Filming was produced at Studio Ang, Nairobi, by writer/director/art director/online editor/sound designer/colorist Bobb Muchiri, camera team Vincent Mbaya, Jim Bishop and Chris King, and offline editor Frank Ashiruka.

Music by Just a Band, Nairobi, Modeselecktor, Berlin, and Maasai Mbili, Nairobi, was produced at Out Here, Munich.

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