Kayak Search One and Done

American travel site Kayak.com is running a television advertising campaign featuring the people who are just too stupid to make use of the site’s services. “Bright Man”, “Frank” and “Think” introduce us to characters who lack self awareness, needlessly wasting their time researching travel deals on their own.

Kayak Search Bright Man commercial

Bright Man

“Bright Man” (or Moron) introduces us to a middle-aged man whose wasted hours searching for travel deals are critiqued by a female consultant. He’s dedicated to being a moron, climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. The super and voiceover: “Compare hundreds of travel sites at once. Kayak. Search one and done.” Click on the image below to play the video.


“Frank” features a burnt-out former bully who zones out as he wastes his time, freed up from administering atomic wedgies, searching multiple travel sites.


“Think” features an American businessman browsing a store in Asia as he brags to a Kayak consultant about his lack of thought while traveling, then proceeding to order large quantities of suspicious-looking “rice flour” to carry in his briefcase on his travels home.

Kayak Search Credits

Kayak’s television advertising campaign was developed at Barton F. Graf 9000 New York, by creative director/copywriter/art director Gerry Graf, and producer Winslow Dennis.

Filming was shot by director Harold Einstein via Station Film with director of photography Dante Spinotti, executive producers Steve Orent and Tom Rossano, producer Eric Liney.

Editor was Chuck Willis at The Cutting Room, New York. VFX/online editing was done at Light of Day, New York. Colourist was Tim Maslack at Company 3. Sound was mixed by Tom Jucarone at Sound Lounge. Music was composed by Andrew Sherman at Butter Music & Sound, New York.

More Kayak.com Commercials

Two young nuns stay have their minds focused on shared travel plans as an airport destination board clicks through possible shared plans. Click on the image below to play the Nuns video.


A couple have trouble focusing on the work meeting they’re attending. The ocean front destination is just too much. Click on the image below to play the Kissing video.