Kalev Sweetest Moment of the Year

Kalev Chocolate Factory in Estonia is running The Sweetest Moment of the Year, a Christmas themed commercial in which a little girl spends her Christmas with her family at their country home. She decides to play the secret Christmas dwarf (Jõulud Päkapikku) and places pieces of chocolate where her mother, father and brother will find them.

Kalev Chocolate Girl in Sweetest Moment of the Year

Click on the image below to play the Kalev Sweetest Moment video.

Sweetest Moment of the Year Credits

The Sweetest Moment ad was developed at The Division, Tallinn, by creative director/copywriter Mart Kase, art director Anna-Liisa Liiver, producer Teele Ardel, account manager Aigi Sool, director Martti Helde, director of photography Erik Põllumaa, assistant cinematographer Heiko Sikka, costume designer Liis Plato, editor Liis Nimik, special effects artist Rauno Linnamäe, and colorist David Kraus.

Music is “Kas Sina Tead” by Hedvig Hanson.