KA-BAR Hardcore Tattoos

KA-BAR, whose famed Fighting Utility Knife was carried by the US Marine Corps in WWII, has released an advertising campaign featuring animated body tattoos. The core of the KA-BAR brand is a life philosophy to never run from a challenge, but rather welcome them. The brand’s new web site, aimed at soldiers, hunters and fishermen, features three testimonial videos of real-life hardcore stories using an equally hardcore illustration method, tattoos.

Ka-Bar D-Day Hardcore Tattoos

The first spot that breaks this week is D-DAY. We follow a hard ass private in the 29th Infantry Division of the US Army as he storms the beaches of Normandy. He empties his magazine into the first enemy foxhole he finds – only to take a bullet in his right shoulder, going down hard. He bores out the bullet from his shoulder with his trusty KA-BAR blade before we learn the animated soldier is the narrator’s own grandfather, all along animated on his own chest. “60 years later he gave it to me. He’s why I serve,” says the man. Click on the image below to play the video.

In “Hiking” a KA-BAR comes in handy for a father and son duo when they are caught in a terrible blizzard while hiking in Denali backcountry. Click on the image below to play the video.

“Boar Hunting” features a grisly story. Hunting is a lot of fun. That is until a wild boar chases after you and your gun jams. Luckily for this man, he had a KA-BAR. Not so lucky for the boar.

Hardcore Tattoos Credits

The Hardcore Tattoos campaign was developed at Rawle Murdy, Charleston, by creative director Rich Terry, associate creative director/copywriter Henry Mathieu and account director West Herford.

Filming was shot by director Joshua Frankel via Earthworm with director of photography Jeff Barnett-Winsby, producer Elissa Federoff and sound designer John Moros.

Post production was done at Omega Darling by creative director Zach Shukan, illustrators Damara Kaminecki, Johnnie Kravetz, Brett Zarro, and hand animator Henry Hilaire, compositors Dan DiFelice, David Sarma, designers Azusa Kobayashi and Luka Romel.