Justus Magazine Giveaway

Australian print design magazine Justus Magazine is being released this month, debuting by design during the auspicious eleventh month of the eleventh year. Justus is dedicated to showcasing the very best of creative print design, embellished throughout with opulent finishes on a variety of specialty stocks. Five very lucky Inspiration Room readers will be treated to a Limited Edition copy of Issue One – An Ode to Foil for their own personal indulgence into a world of print design inspiration. Simply tell us in the comments below, in 25 or less words, why the magic of print and paper will never die.

Justus Readers

The Justus team believes it’s time for those with a passion for print to receive their very own touchable design guide. Reaching out to design studios, freelancers, students and creative suppliers from around Australia, Justus provides a tactile journey into the world of paper stocks, typography and print techniques. The journal, which goes to print this November, will feature 128 pages of stunning design with sections dedicated to feature articles, client interviews and design trends. Justus will include a 60-page special report (titled Flourish), profiling the work of ten of the country’s finest designers, along with a devoted student section and a supplier/classifieds directory.

Justus Covers

Justus was founded by creative director Lindsay Smith and her team Larissa Meikle, Amber Hannaford and Estelle Pigot. For more information visit justusmagazine.com.au or facebook.com/JustusMagazine.

Photographs here from the Justus Magazine VIP Preview Night in October are by photographer Jackie Chan.

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  • Marque Kabbaz

    Print will never die because it’s a real, tangible expression of thought and creativity. It exists. And we are all sensory beings.

  • Pierre

    To my mind, the magic of print is about senses. You can touch, smell, see even taste (even of it’s weird) a book. But you mainly can hear the perfect sound of the pages.

  • Patrick Conway

    Not only is printed material a tactile experience it is a physical experience, from the production,to the purchase, to the sharing of an object.

  • Print is a sensory experience: design online is easily viewed, consumed, transitory, and doesn’t have the physicality and nuances of print technique and execution. We all want a keepsake of the things that we love and surround ourselves with the things that inspire us.

  • Frances Henke

    Plick! When the lights go out so does today’s gadgetry and we turn to books, newspapers and gloriously designed magazines. To have, to hold…

  • Flo

    Print will never die because ..
    Print is about the making .. the sorting .. the patterning of the muse’s inspiration .. to physically engage with the typography and design makes it come alive .. to breathe the smell of ink, to feel the texture of the paper … to stuck a magazine into my bedside basket where I can easily see it ..not having to spend hours sifting through digital folder after folder in the vain hope of recovering it 🙂 … nah print is here to stay 🙂

  • Miguel Angel Ruiz

    Because before printing, the world was a blank page!

  • Candice M

    Binary is boring. Printing is a magical dirty job. Ink smudges, varnishes slosh, paper creases, and I want to keep getting my hands dirty.

  • Jessica

    Print is an umbilical chord that binds the past to innovation and our minds to memories. An email is an annoyance, a bleep, an insistent alert; but the letter remains an event, a gesture, gathering dust and retrospect.

  • GPLynch

    Tangible, tactile, timeless……..