Just Say So For Organ Donations

In Brazil, in order to become an organ and/or tissue donor people just need to say so, whether to their family or friends. As simple as that, without any bureaucracy or documentation. But few people know this. The Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation (ABTO) and Novartis worked with Garage Interactive to create a simple contest with a strong concept: “To donate just say so”. People were encouraged to create a 30-second video showing how easy is to become an organ donor. The best video, “Alguém falou e me salvou!” (Somebody Spoke and Saved Me), by Giselle Richardson and Adeline, besides winning a cash prize, was also produced and aired as the official commercial of the campaign.

Doe Orgaos Salve Vidas

Garage Interactive promoted the campaign by inviting Brazil’s video bloggers to create a 30-second video for the contest and challenge 3 other bloggers to do the same. The strategy was a success. More than 70 bloggers participated. 150 videos were submitted. The campaign had more than 2.4 million viewers and lots of spontaneous media. But the best result was that we increased the number of donors. In 2010 Brazilian beat their previous record for organ donations.


The Just Say So campaign was developed at Garage Interactive by creative director Mateus Braga, creative director/copywriter Carol Saraiva, art director Marcelo Fernandes, assistants Thales Monteiro and Beatriz Poiano, programmers Jair Freitas and Andrey Sanches, account director Lucio Novaes, account managers Diego Mazon and Thais Rensi, social media analysts Luis Santos and Rafael Venturelli, director Animales and producer Ink.

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