JP Morgan Chase The Way Forward

JP Morgan Chase is running an advertising campaign focusing on “The Way Forward“. Two television commercials, “Chase” and “Communities”, produced at Psyop, use the concept of pop up book to explore the many ways the company is attempting to contribute to the recovery of the US economy in the wake of the global financial crisis.

JP Morgan Pop Up Book


The Way Forward campaign was developed at mcgarrybowen by executive creative director Gordon Bowen, group creative director Danny Gregory, creative director/art director Marta Ibarrondo, creative director/copywriter Michael Demos, executive producer Celia Williams, producer Stacy Edelstein, executive music producers Jerry Krenach and Jean Scoffield, account team Ari Ben-Caanan, Julie Wood and Aaron Gelbman.

Animation was produced at Psyop via Smuggler, by creative directors Alex Hanson and Thibault Debaveye, executive producers Lydia Holness and Neysa Horsburgh, Smuggler executive producers Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman, head of production (Smuggler) Laura Thoel, producers (Psyop) Eve Strickman and Rebecca Olson, technical director (Psyop) Tony Barbieri, associate producers Cally Morton and Minh Ly.

Working on “Change” were designers Patrick Arrasmith, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Lutz Vogel, Samantha Ballardini, Stephanie Davidson, 3D artists Borja Pena, Daniel Fine, Entae Kim, George Smaragdis, Helen Choi, Michael Shin, Russ Wooten, Soo Hee Han, Zed Bennett, Jordan Harvey, compositors Borja Pena and Jason Conrad.

Working on “Communities” were designers Paul Kim, Tuna Bora, Wonhee Lee, Kenesha Sneed, Angela Zhu, storyboard artist Vinny Delay, editor Brett Nicoletti, lead technical director Andrew Romatz, Flame artists John Shirley, Tim Bird, Miles Essmiller, lead desktop compositor Lane Jolly, compositor Tommy Wooh, previz artist Mike Warner, modelers Rie Ito, Matt Barenty, riggers Sean Kealey, Ben Grangereau, animators Ben Grangereau, Victor Garza, texturists Matt Barenty and Sean Durnan, lighters Matt Barenty, Yuichiro Yamashita and Sean Durnan.

Composition and sound design were by Casey Chester at Audible Playground. Sound was mixed at Sonic Union