Jones Street Station The Understanding

New York group Jones Street Station has released a music video for The Understanding, starring Danny Pudi of NBC’s Community as a solitary observer of daily New York City life. The video opens with the young man waking up and starting his day, taking in a panoramic view of Central Park through the telescope at his window. He wanders the streets of downtown Manhattan alone before stopping for breakfast at a local diner. His meanderings are interrupted when his attention is drawn to a miniature camera in a storefront window. He purchases the tiny camera and sets off to put it to use.

The Understanding Camera

The young man spends the day roaming the city, taking pictures of street scenes and strangers with his new camera. The back of the camera’s display screen is used to depict the snapshots that he takes and convey the illusion that camera is authentic. In Central Park, the young man connects with one of his subjects, a pretty young woman played by a real-life college friend of Pudi. The pair strike up an acquaintanceship and spend the day together, ending up in the recording studio where the young woman works. In the studio, Jones Street Station are recording “The Understanding,” as we see footage of the band’s performance intercut with the growing mutual attraction between two newfound friends. Together, they sit in with the band in a celebratory recording session that evokes the song’s lyrics, “Where are my friends who are lost and alone?/May they find their way back home/Then you’ll understand,” as the video reaches an uplifting resolution that affirms camaraderie and personal connection.

Click on the image below to play the Understanding music video.

The Understanding Music Video Credits

Filming was shot in black and white by Adam Reid, executive creative director with Bodega, inspired by Gordon Willis’ timeless work with Woody Allen. Editor was George Carty at Northern Lights. Compositing was by Mr. Wonderful.