John West Discover The Story

John West is running Discover The Story, a television and online advertising campaign in the UK inviting viewers to visit the canned fish brand site to find out exactly where the fish comes from. Consumers can enter the code on the can on the John West website to find out what ship and what ocean it came from and when. The Discover The Story campaign is being promoted with television commercials featuring mishaps at sea for Lucky Pete and Dimitri’s comb over.

John West Discover The Story

Click on the image below to play the Lucky Pete video.

Click on the image below to play the Dimitri’s Combover video.

“In order to look after the marine environment, we need to know exactly where all of our fish comes from. In fact, we know the origins of every product in our range and we are committed to sharing this detail with all our customers, starting with tuna and rolling out across our other seafood ranges over the next 18 months. Through this commitment, customers can easily find out exactly where their fish was caught, including the ocean and the boat that made the catch. You can find out all this information by using our Can Tracker. Type in the code and we will tell you everything you need to know about where your fish comes from. It’s as simple as that.”

Discover The Story Credits

The John West Discover the Story campaign was developed at CheethamBell JWT, Manchester, by creative director Andy Cheetham, art director Martin Smith and copywriter Andy Huntingdon.

Filming was shot by director Luis Gerard via Uber Content.