Jobrapido The Job Challenge

Jobrapido, the Italian employment search engine, was launched in the USA in June with The Job Challenge, an online contest championed by Daniel. Daniel moved from Italy to LA 2 years ago. He is very passionate about acting, photography and videos, but he doesn’t like to work very much. One day his girlfriend threatened him, “You find a job or I’ll dump you!”. He took up the challenge and to show her that he is not such a layabout he set a new record in changing jobs: 14 different Jobs in just 24 days! Since the launch date of June 20 the site has received over 120,000 views. More than 13,000 people accessed the contest page in the first week.

Jobrapido 14 Jobs One Month

Click on the image below to play the 1 Month 14 Jobs video.

Jobrapido 14 Jobs One Month Day 16 Model
Jobrapido 14 Jobs One Month Day 19 Assistant Cook
Jobrapido 14 Jobs One Month
Jobrapido 14 Jobs One Month

Jobrapido Credits

The Job Challenge campaign was developed at Mosaicoon, a viral media company in Palermo, Italy, by creative director Juan Serrano Ortiz, client director Pietero Sorce, copywriter Nicolas Bartleby, agency producer Spela Marincic, and head of seeding Marco Imperato.

Filming was shot by director of photography Igor Scalisi, stylists Roberto Pagnotta and Daniela Colajanni, and editor/post producer Manuela Di Pisa.