Jillz Sprinklers

Heineken continues its raunchy marketing for Jillz Sparkling Cider, a popular brand in Netherlands, with “Sprinklers”, a television and online commercial popping with sexual tension. Three women watch three men working in the Jillz orchard, enjoying the brewing process, before letting off the sprinklers. The version of Jillz Sprinklers made for TV has the guys keeping their shirts on. The Director’s cut, available here online, is more revealing.

Jillz Sprinklers Tap

Click on the image below to play the Sprinklers Directors Cut video.

Jillz Sprinklers Credits

The Sprinklers ad was developed for Heineken at Pink and Poodle by creative director/art director/strategist Wencke van Amstel, creative director/art director Wanda van Damme, strategist Wouter Boon, account/project manager Michèle Hartevelt, executive producer Swantje Hoppe.

Filming was shot by directors Paul Vos and Wencke van Amstel via Orange Films, Cape Town, with director of photography Terence Maritz.

Post production was done at Hectic Electric, Amsterdam. Colourist was Jean-Clement Soret at The Moving Picture Company. Editing was done by Kevin Whelan & Martin Heijgelaar.

Sound was designed at Wave Studios by Nick Smith. Music was produced at Sizzer Amsterdam. Vocals were by Ivo, lead singer of Supercity. Voiceover is by Martin Heijgelaar. The Making of video was produced by director Ebrahim Hajee and editor Wilbert van ‘t Hof.

Click on the image below to play the 2009 Jillz video.