JetBlue Getaways Granter

JetBlue Airways is running “Getaways Granter”, an online advertising campaign encouraging Americans to visualize and plan for their vacations. Research by the airline found that 57 percent of working Americans will have unused vacation time at the end of the year, and that while more than 60 percent of those with vacation days believe they deserve to take their time off, 39 percent report having reservations about asking their boss for a vacation. The Getaways Granter Facebook app provides a way to break the ice with bosses everywhere by serenading them with a custom video request for vacation approval, with options of outdoor wrangling, island hopping, city rocking or romantic retreating.

JetBlue Getaways Granter Facebook entry

With the new Getaways Granter, JetBlue will take the edge off of requesting vacation days by allowing fans to plug in their desired number of days off before choosing from four destination themes to suit their getaway needs. They can even upload a photo of their supervisor to be featured in the video, crooning bosses everywhere into letting employees take their much-needed getaway.

Whether employees are hesitant to ask for time, apprehensive about having colleagues cover their work, or don’t have anyone available to cover assignments, the online survey of 1,118 working Americans further showed that 41 percent of those who do take vacation time take at least a week off at a time, which isn’t surprising since the average working person reports needing at least six consecutive days to truly unwind. And when it comes to planning a vacation, almost half (47%) of those surveyed are interested in comprehensive, cost-saving packages for flight, hotel and car rental.

JetBlue Getaways Granter Beach
JetBlue Getaways Granter Honeymooning
JetBlue Getaways Granter City Rock
JetBlue Getaways Granter Wrangling

Getaways Granter Credits

The Getaways Granter campaign was developed at Mullen, Boston, by chief creative officer Mark Wenneker, executive creative directors Tim Vaccarino and Dave Weist, associate creative directors Jesse Blatz, Allison Rude, Brian Leech, art director Ramzi Sarieddine, copywriter Gabriel Ferrer, executive director of integrated production Liza Near, producer Mary Donington, digital producers Cindy Kao, Lisa Neary, senior Flash developer Joe Palasek, web developer Joel Oliveira, group account director Michael Craig, account supervisor Jessica Zdenek, and account executive Hannah Moore.

Filming was shot by director Jeremy Konner via Partizan. Editor was Jessica Phearsome via Mullen Editorial with producer Jamee Sheehy.

Post production was done at Brickyard VFX by senior producer Amy Appleton, VFX shoot supervisor Peter Bullis, lead VFX artist Peter Bullis, VFX artist Henrique Ghersi, VFX artists Robin Hobart and Jimi Simmons.