iVac iPhone App

Electrolux has launched the iVac, their first iPhone and iPad app, to settle the score of “who are the worlds’ best iPhone vacuumers”? After the first week, it appears that Norwegian men are the best vacuumers. Select a vacuum cleaner and press start button to start vacuuming. As you clean your way through a series of rooms, you’ll find coffee beans and pocket change in the kitchen, toys and car keys in the living room, a sock and a wedding ring in the bedroom, and dust, dust, dust everywhere. Pre-recorded sounds created for each cleaner and object give you feedback on your progress. Heavy items like coins and keys increase your score, which is measured in grams.

iVac Fire Alarm

iVac Kitchen Level

By using your phone as a cleaning nozzle and tilting it in the xact angle according to the arrows shown on your display, you collect dust in your virtual dust bag. The more dust you collect, the closer you come to winning prizes. When your dust bag is full, you can send it to Electrolux and get a shot at winning Electrolux UltraOne or UltraSilencer Green. By pressing High Score on the menu, you’ll see who has collected most dust. The more you vacuum, the more skilled a cleaner you are!

iVac High Scores

iVac Time's Up

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