ISPCC I Can’t Wait

ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), has created “I Can’t Wait”, a film highlighting the abhorrent levels of physical violence that children suffer. Their right to a childhood is stolen from them. The boy resists the beating that the adult gives him. But only with words. Physically he is powerless to resist the force and anger that he is subjected to. At the end of the film the audience is asked to join the fight for children’s rights. It is only by doing this that the child’s words can resonate beyond his terrible world. If those watching do not fight for him, his struggle and his hope will have been in vain.

ISPCC I Can't Wait commercial

By donating to the ISPCC’s ‘I Can’t Wait Until I Grow Up’ campaign, Irish people will be showing their support for the ISPCC who are protecting children from harm and giving them a chance to have a happy and safe childhood. The ISPCC needs this support to continue their fight for the rights of children to a happy and safe childhood.


The ISPCC I Can’t Wait campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather Dublin by creative director Colin Nimick, copywriter Des Kavanagh, art director Laurence O’Byrne, and agency producer Derek Doyle.

Filming was shot by director Richie Smyth via Blinder Films with producer Michael Duffy.