iSelect Big Rate Rise

AJF Partnership Melbourne’s iSelect ‘Rate Rise’ ad has been announced as the February/March winner of the Could Be a Caxton competition. The full page newspaper advertisement features an insurance company spokesperson, looking straight into the eyes of the reader with the words, “I wouldn’t be this big in your paper if this wasn’t very important.” The ad goes on to advise readers to use iSelect to find the best insurance prices as premiums are lifted in the coming months.

iSelect Big Newspaper Ad

The Caxton Awards, held annually in Australia and New Zealand, recognise excellence in newspaper advertising. Cam Blackley, creative director of Droga5 Sydney and the judge of the February/March Could Be A Caxton competition, talks about the winning ad. “ROFLCopter. This was the absolute standout of the bunch. An insurance ad, that’s funny. I defy anyone not to be stopped by the dude’s faux concerned eye contact. Plus it only works with the scale you get with a full-page broadsheet newspaper ad and that is why it should be in with a shot.”


The iSelect Rate Rise Ad was developed at AJF Partnership, Melbourne, by art director George Freckleton and copywriter Brent Liebenberg.