Is Your Child in Safe Hands?

Blatt afram (Go Blue) in Iceland is running a provocative advertising campaign asking parents the tough question, “Is your child in safe hands?” (Er barnið þitt í öruggum höndum?). 93% of children who are sexually abused know the offender. According to Halliday’s 1995 study 30% of offenders are women and 70% are men, and more than often it is someone parents trust. It is the responsibility of a parent to insure their children are in a safe environment. Informed parents protect children. The campaign portrays the many ways in which children are touched by adults, usually in innocent and supportive ways, but with the potential for abuse, including in the classroom, gymnasium, personal tuition, childcare, church and surgery.

Is Your Child in Safe Hands?

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The Safe Hands campaign was developed at Anton & Bergur by creative director Anna Margret Sigurdardottir.

Filming was shot by director Runar Ingi via Pegasus Pictures, Iceland, with producer Valdimar Armann and director of photography Vidir Sigurdsson.