Internet Explorer 9 Fast is Now Beautiful

Microsoft is supporting the launch of Internet Explorer 9 with a series of online videos designed to highlight the browser’s beauty and speed. The commercials range from on-the-street product tests through to press reviews and perspectives from the Internet Explorer 9 development and design team.

Internet Explorer 9

What do you think of the new Internet Explorer 9? The Internet Explorer marketing team went to the streets to find out. Sites Amaze. Fast is now beautiful. Click on the image below to play the Fast is Beautiful video.

A more beautiful web is here. Designed to unlock the full power of the ideas developers and designers have for the web, Internet Explorer 9 has come a long way in one year. This video features press and online reviews of the new browser. Click on the image below to play the Year of Internet Explorer 9 video.

What can users expect to get out of the latest release of Internet Explorer 9? In this video, web designers and developers weigh in with their thoughts on why they are excited for IE9, what’s new in the Release Candidate, and why developers should start getting their sites ready now. See how user feedback has impacted the latest product milestone! Click on the image below to play the Developers video.

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