Infiniti Since Now

Infiniti Europe is running an advertising campaign in Europe aiming to position the Japanese modern luxury car manufacturer as a credible alternative to the big three German marques Mercedes, Audi and BMW. Centred around the tag line, “Since now, the perfect line is a curve”, Nissan’s campaign embodies the brand’s challenger ethos with an emphasis on both its design and performance credentials. Heritage means nothing and straight lines are boring. The campaign includes the launch of social media platforms, along with X-Box and Microsoft Kinect Content platforms and MSN homepage takeovers. The new Infiniti Since Now brand campaign supports the launch of the high-performance Infiniti M Hybrid and the reveal of a special FX concept model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Content around the Red Bull Racing F1 partnership will also fit under this platform whilst bolstering the brand’s performance credentials by optimising the connection with current F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Infiniti FX

The TV campaign was directed by Raf Wathion and was shot over five days at a studio in Brussels. A highly technical shoot with four sets running simultaneously including Phantom, Alexa, Macro and Stop-Motion cameras led to a cinematographic journey starting with a series of time pieces resetting to a ‘zero hour’ where the bold statement of “Since now, everything you know about performance motoring, is in the past” is made. From this point forward, Infiniti’s unique point of view on what a luxury car should be is demonstrated by the journey of a line of light that snakes its way over the naturally inspired curves of the Infiniti FX, M and EX models. The film is interspersed with beautiful organic shapes and forms to bring a natural, sensual and artistic atmosphere that is coupled with an original musical score to bring drama to the film. The film ends with the bold statements, “Since now, the perfect line is a curve” and “Since now, there is Infiniti.”

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The film is supported by a pan-European print campaign which brings to life a distinctive look and feel uniquely Infiniti and features curved lines based on real shapes within the car including the signature Infiniti paddle shifter in the FX, the front wheel arch of an Infiniti M, and the Crescent Cut – a distinct feature on all Infiniti vehicles – that appears on the EX ad.

Infiniti Since Now print advertisement

Infiniti Since Now Credits

The Infiniti campaign was developed at Infiniti by Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Martin Jobin, Sandra Plakke, Nha Thi Lieu, at TBWA\G1, TMW and OMD, by creative directors Alasdhair MacGregor Hastie (TBWA\G1) and Paul Tullo (TMW), creative teams Adam Mandelstam and Douglas Rocha, Paul Wauters and Kate McMullen (TBWA\G1), Jeff Bowerman, Jasmine McCorry & Andrew Turk (TMW), agency producer Herve Dommange, account management teams Ewan Veitch, Christian Stein, Marie-Pacifique Blanckaert and Gaelle Santamarta (TBWA\G1), Julie Roberts and Rob Carter (TMW), strategic planners Filippo Dell Osso and Luca Vergano (TBWA\G1), and Richard Pentin (TMW).

Filming was shot by director Raf Wathion via Henry. Visual effects were produced at Mikros.

The print backgrounds were created by Drasik, a Barcelona-based graphic artist.