Infiniti M Hybrid – Remember

Infiniti takes on Lexus and speeds through time in “Remember”, a commercial for the M Hybrid. The ad begins in London 1888 at an exhibition for the first hybrid vehicle made by Immisch & Company, then transitions to Belgium 1909, with a design for the first patented Hybrid engine. The story moves on to the 1970’s outside a car showroom where a salesman is pitching new Hybrid vehicles to potential clients. The spot ends in 2011, with a Lexus hybrid stopped at a red light. Out of nowhere an Infiniti M35h flashes by the camera. “Finally a Hybrid vehicle worth driving.”

Infiniti Remember commercial

Infiniti M Hybrid – Remember Credits

The Remember commercial was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles by chief creative officer Rob Schwartz, global creative director Kerry Feuerman, creative directors Bob Rayburn and Patrick Condo, art director Chase Madrid, copywriter Chris DeNinno, copywriter Jason Wolski, executive director of integrated production Richard O’Neill, senior producer David Hoogenakker, associate director/product strategy John D. Frazier, business manager Robin Rossi, business affairs manager Joyce Pierce, managing director Walt Smith, account director Daniel Pardo, account supervisor Bryan Reugebrink.

Filming was shot by director Adam Berg via Smuggler, Los Angeles, with director of photography Joost Van Gelder, executive producers Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Patrick Milling Smith.

Editor was Paul Hardcastle at The Whitehouse, Los Angeles and Trim.

Music was composed by Hans Zimmer.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company, Los Angeles, by producer Andrew Bell, VFX supervisor Drew Downes, lead Flame artist Drew Downes, nuke support Brendan Smith, smoke support Benji Davidson, 3D animator Fred Durand, 3D support Ross Denner, digital matte painter Henrik Holmberg and colorist Mark Gethin.

  • chuck

    This latest Infiniti M Hybrid TV ad, which to an autophile will come off as comically inaccurate, allegedly shows “Hybrid Cars Circa 1978″. A salesman with long hair and a moustache is showing cars to a African American guy with a cap and his afro haired lady. Now the cars on the lot.. Two late sixties Toyota Coronas, a 4 door and a hardtop shown on display at a ” hybrid dealership”….actually a dead store in Long Beach. Those cars had 4 cylinder 1900 cc gasoline engines. And, two Commutacars, too . They were pure electrics built previuosly by Sebring in Florida.” A terrible fiber-glass P.O.S., that actually used plastic pins in the brake backing plates that sheared off in panic stops.
    .. Not a hybrid in sight…there were none offered in 1978 in this or any other market.