iMeet World’s Greatest Meetings

iMeet is a simple new way to host meetings online. As the medium is focused on visual connections between conversation partners, iMeet has reconstructed some of the most important meetings in history, as they might have happened in an iMeet room. The first video features Roman senators discussing a ‘management issue’. Others include a heated brainstorm between our forefathers, and a Van Gogh family meeting where Vincent is reluctant to turn on his webcam.

iMeet Roman Senators

A few Roman senators get together in an iMeet room to discuss a problem. Click on the image below to play the Caesar video in YouTube

The Van Gogh family gets together in an iMeet room and coax Vincent to turn on his webcam. Click on the image below to play the Van Gogh video in YouTube

America’s founding fathers get together in Ben Franklin’s iMeet room to brainstorm on an important document. Click on the image below to play the Forefathers video in YouTube


The iMeet advertising launch was developed and produced at Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer, including everything from positioning and media planning to creative and production, working with iMeet founder Boland Jones, chief creative officer Erik Petrik and CTO David Guthrie. Production partners include Unit9, Medium, Ssuru, HSI, Teak and Ntropic.

Click on the image below to play the This is iMeet video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Are You On video in YouTube

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  • Hey Duncan, appreciate your review. thanks. I am writing to clarify the credits for “world’s greatest meetings.” I am not the CEO of pgi nor iMeet, i am the lowly Chief Creative Officer for iMeet (the cco) which is a lofty title for a simple minded guy, to be the ceo would be far too complex for my skill set. Just an fyi

    all the best,

    Erik Petrik