Ikea Messier Peace Love and Storage

IKEA is asking who’s messier in the home, men or women, in a new integrated advertising campaign launched on 1st April in the UK. The campaign, focused on the benefits of storage, is introduced with a television commercial shot in front of a live audience, with four stand up comics debating who the messier sex is. IKEA is arguing that domestic clutter leads to arguments, fault-finding and unhappy homes in general. Many of these arguments could be avoided with better storage. Viewers are directed to a new IKEA UK Facebook page where they can vote online as to who they believe is messier, submitting proof with photos and videos. The Facebook page’s custom built app allows users to share their arguments about clutter with friends as well as have IKEA experts recommend solutions to their problems.

IKEA Peace Love and Storage

Click on the image below to play the Wet Dog (Men are Messier) video.

Click on the image below to play the Narnia (Women are Messier) video.

Online display banners allow people to vote, and product focused online adverts will demonstrate the problems people have shared and various solutions available at IKEA. Press adverts will work closely with the product related online display adverts.

IKEA asks Who's Messier?

IKEA asks Who's Messier?

IKEA is using the Facebook site to host a handbook titled ‘Peace, Love and Storage’, which will deepen the engagement and rally the debate about who is messier, as well as help people have a happy home by sharing relevant IKEA storage solutions for common storage problems. The book will tackle consumers’ fears that storage can be confusing and expensive and demonstrates the unique IKEA expertise and insight into life at home.


The Messier campaign was developed at Mother London, working with IKEA marketing director Anna Crona.

Anna Crona, Marketing Director at IKEA UK and Ireland said: “We are committed to understating how our customers live life at home so we can provide solutions to make life happier. Everybody has storage needs in the home and by encouraging debate and providing solutions we will show that IKEA is relevant to everybody, no matter what your home is like or how much money you have.”

Sarah Rabia, strategist at Mother, said: “Mess in the home is third most common cause of domestic arguments – after sex and money. We have too much of one of them, not enough of the other two. IKEA is making a huge commitment to improving home life for all Britons. And making Peace, Love and Storage, is the start of that.”

Filming was shot by director Nick Jones via Another Film Company, London, with producer Sue Caldwell and director of photography Brett Turnbull.

Editor was Tim Hardy at Stitch Editing, London. Post production was done at The Mill, London.

Media was planned at Vizeum.