IKEA Hundstol Dog Chair

IKEA Australia has used April 1 to launch the IKEA HUNDSTOL dog highchair, a safe, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced product to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today’s modern family. The HUNDSTOL dog highchair is available from April in all three IKEA stores in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane) at $59. See more on the IKEA Australia Facebook page.

IKEA Hundstol Dog Chair

The HUNDSTOL dog highchair is painted in pooch-friendly lead free paint and is designed to accommodate dogs up to 35 kilograms, which includes popular breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Featuring a contemporary design including inbuilt dog bowls for food and water so man’s best friend can join in at meal times, the HUNDSTOL dog highchair can be placed unobtrusively at the dining table or be folded away for easy storage.

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IKEA chose Australia as the international test market for the HUNDSTOL dog highchair as with an estimated 3.41 million dogs (or 36% of households) boasting a canine member of the family, Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world. The traditional Australian family has also changed dramatically during the past 30 years with the number of childless couples rising by a third. Increasingly, many couples are claiming to choose dogs over children with celebrities such as George Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabeth Canalis saying she doesn’t feel the need to have children because she’s happy with dogs instead.

Alvar Karlsson, designer of the HUNDSTOL dog highchair comments: “IKEA has received a number of enquires from dog owning customers over the years, keen to involve their furry friends in all aspects of their lives. Having a seat at the table for their precious pup is a dream come true for many pet lovers so we are proud to have developed a safe, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced product to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today’s modern family.”

IKEA Hundstol Dog Chair Bone Appetit ad

IKEA will be closely observing Australian sales and customer feedback of the HUNDSTOL dog highchair, with a view to developing further feline and canine friendly furniture for pet lovers across the world, perhaps launched on April 1, 2012.

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  • http://kiedis.fr kiedis

    nice april’s fool joke :)

  • http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2011/ikea-hundstol-dog-chair/ John Ozero

    Nice to see that Ikea has a sense of humour. Great Joke!! AF

  • Rachel

    LOVE IT!. We have a baby due in August. Sent this to all my friends and said we had ordered it for our dog as we didn’t want her to feel left out when Baby arrives. They all fell for it!. Ikea thanks for a great day! ;0) xx

  • Shelli

    I think that it is great. I would love to buy one. Where can I buy this High Chair?