Hopi Hari Wax Museum Horror Time

Hopi Hari is Latin America’s biggest theme park. And every year it holds Hora do Horror, an event of suspense and horror. In 2010 the motto of the “The Horror Time” was The Wax Museum. An ordinary user of event websites usually enters those pages no more than one time in search of basic information, but this was not enough for Hopi Hari’s publicity needs. How could they compel viewers to come back again to both the website and to the events? Advertising agency NBS brought the premiere of The Horror Time to social networks, at home and in public life, using an organic website that changed according to audience response. Elements of the site were scattered across Twitter, Youtube, Skype, Orkut, Blip.fm, e-mail, radio spots, and posters in the park. Those who managed to bring together those scattered parts were admitted to The Horror Booth, a real ride in the park.

Hora do Horror


The Horror Time campaign was developed at NBS, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, by creative directors Pedro Feyer, Andre Lima and Miguel Genovese, copywriters Sidney Freitas and Fernando Calvache, art directors Jonas Kuhner and Guilherme Valverde, art assistant Felipe Pires, account managers Alexandre Grynberg, Ana Coutinho, Danielle Bacha, and Beatriz Molinari, planner Daniel Rimoli, project manager Maike Robert, working with Hopi Hari team Ana Cristina Tuna and Flávia Abreu Drummond.

The web site was produced at Luego. Activation was managed by Riot.

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