Honda Civic Cereal Prize

BC Honda Dealers in Vancouver made news recently with the use of a giant box of cereal to launch the 2012 Honda Civic. Every improvement on the 2012 Civic was designed to make it more fun. That same motivation translated to the public launch of the car. Marketing agency Dare built a 20 foot tall tipped-over Crunchy O’s cereal box outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. Visitors to the city were surprised with the appearance of the prize: the 2011 Honda Civic.

Honda Cereal Stunt

The Prize from Rob Sweetman on Vimeo.

Honda Cereal Stunt

Honda Cereal Stunt

Honda Cereal Stunt


Dare Vancouver, by creative directors Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman, art director Eric Arnold, copywriter Jarrod Banadyga,

The box was made at Giant Ant Media by Mike Hasinoff and Wendy Moriarty.

See more photos from the campaign on Facebook.

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