HBO Spring Moments Here We Come

HBO is providing a peek at its original programming and hit movie blockbusters coming to the channel in Spring, with two trailers “Here We Come”, and “Moments”. “Here We Come”, ike a video flip book, unites quick flashes of character and drama in a seamless storyline that speaks to the overarching brand. “Moments,” emphasizes stand-out moments in HBO’s series around themes of human experience. Both keenly express what there is to love and anticipate about HBO’s upcoming programming line-up.

HBO Moment of Reckoning

Click on the image below to play the Here We Come video.

Click on the image below to play the Moments video.


The Spring Trailers were developed at HBO by EVP creative services Chris Spencer, creative director Cami Errante, executive producer Daniel Zibulsky, writer/producer (Moments) Erin Dee.

Editing was produced at Cut + Run, Los Angeles, by editor Akiko Iwakawa (Here We Come), and editor Stacy Peterson (Moments), executive producer Rana Martin, producer Ashley Carrier, VFX producer Stephen Potter (Here We Come), VFX creative director Kieran Walsh/Carbon (Moments).

Sound was mixed by Mike Ungar and Mike Garatty (Here We Come) at Broadway Sound and Glenn Ianaro (Moments) at HBO Studio Productions.

Music in the “Here We Come” spot is “Everyone” by The Willowz. Music in the “One Moment” spot is “One moment away”, by The Afters.

HBO Here We Come

HBO Get Ready

HBO Moment of Transcendence

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