Guinness Prepare for St Patrick’s Day

Guinness is running a series of public service announcements in honour of St Patrick’s Day. The British male is traditionally uneasy and reserved when befriending other males. Guinness aims to solve this problem with a series of lessons educating men on how to prepare for St Patrick’s Day – the friendliest day of the year. The ads are being shown on the Guinness Great Britain YouTube channel and Pub TV. Fans of Guinness on Facebook are being treated to a virtual pint, using augmented reality, as they wait for St Patrick’s Day.

Guinness St Patricks Day promotion on YouTube

It’s all about the ‘A’ frame, the safest way to hug another chap, also known as the ‘Man Hug’, and a technique that needs careful refining. Get ready for the Friendliest Day of the Year – St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March with Guinness Lesson 412. Click on the image below to play the Man Hug video in YouTube (HD)

Are you ready for the Friendliest Day of the Year? Get ready for St Patrick’s Day with Guinness series of lessons in sociability. Number 210. Smile, don’t sneer, and don’t prolong it, and you should all be set up nicely for March 17th. Click on the image below to play the Smiling video in YouTube (HD)

Striking up conversations with a stranger isn’t easy. Guinness has tips on how not to come across as a complete lunatic. It’s lesson 61 in preparing for the Friendliest Day of the Year on the 17th March, St Patrick’s Day. Click on the image below to play the Conversations with a Stranger video in YouTube (HD)


The Prepare for St Patrick’s Day campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, by art director Laurent Simon, copywriter Aidan McClure, agency producer Katherine Maidment

Filming was shot by director Matt Dilmore via Epoch Films, London, with producer Dave Knox. Post production was done at The LAB.

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