Greenpeace Volkswagen Rebellion

Greenpeace is using Volkswagen’s “Force” television commercial in a campaign challenging the automotive company’s opposition to cuts to carbon dioxide emissions. The young Darth Vader, first seen in “The Force” during the 2011 Super Bowl, has been joined in Episode I and II by other characters from the Star Wars series, who stand up against the VW death star. “Join the Rebellion and turn Volkswagen away from the Dark Side.”

Greenpeace VOlkswagen Rebellion

Click on the image below to play Episode I in YouTube

Click on the image below to play Episode II in YouTube

The Rebellion campaign is running on Greenpeace Video YouTube channel, in several European languages.

The Rebellion is online at a microsite,, and on the Rebellion Facebook page. Visitors to the VW Dark Side site can become a “Jedi in the Rebellion” with a profile page, earning Force points and t-shirts by recruiting friends, mastering skills and befriending companions. The damning report is online as pdf at Greenpeace UK.

According to the campaign website at, “Right now, politicians across Europe are debating whether to raise the target for CO2 cuts from 20 to 30 percent (based on 1990 levels) by 2020. It’s such a necessary increase that many people and organizations — from the UK government to Google, from Ikea to Unilever — agree that they should do it. But not Volkswagen — and it gets worse. Along with spending millions on groups lobbying against the 30 percent target, VW is also opposing new fuel efficiency targets.”

VW Dark SIde site

VW Dark SIde site

The Rebellion was launched in the UK by eco-activist storm troopers who erected billboards featuring Darth Vader with the VW logo over his mouth. Storm troopers wearing the VW logo were dispatched in street teams in key locations.

Click on the image below to play the Stormtroopers in London video.

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