Got Milk Discussion for PMS?

The California Mike Processors Board is busy reframing “Everything I Do is Wrong”, an integrated advertising campaign encouraging men to get their partners to drink milk as a way of dealing with PMS. After the viral campaign met with the virulent opposition Goodby Silverstein & Partners has started again with “Got Discussion”, an interactive form of apology. Billboard, print, radio, Facebook and banner advertisements have been pulled, and the everythingidoiswrong site now redirects to Conversation on the and sites encourage exploration of the pros and cons of the PMS campaign. Men no longer have access to the “Emergency Milk Locator” and “Video Apology Enhancer” that enabled users to create personalized videos to share via their social networks, and a “Puppy Dog-Eye-Zer” that gives you a face that’s hard to stay mad at. Now we’re treated to a Twitter discussion using the tag #gotdiscussion.

Got Milk Misinterpret

I apologize for letting you misinterpret what I was saying. I’m sorry I listened for listening to what you said and not what you meant. I apologize for the thing – or things- I did or didn’t do. We can both blame myself. I apologize for the mutual misunderstanding that was clearly my fault. I apologize for not reading between the right lines.

Got Milk What You Said
Got Milk Thing or Things
Got Milk Both Blame Myself
Got Milk Mutual Misunderstanding
Got Milk Reading between the Right Lines
Everything I Do is Wrong Site

Steve James, executive director with the Californian Milk Processors Board, said in an earlier statement, “PMS and its symptoms are sensitive issues to discuss among couples. We hope that this campaign, through its message and humor, would empower both men and women to talk about this topic more openly and to take action by learning how to help relieve symptoms by drinking dairy milk.”

The new statement, online at, reads differently.

“Over the past couple of weeks, regrettably, some people found our campaign about milk and PMS to be outrageous and misguided – and we apologize to those we offended. Others thought it funny and educational. It has opened up a topic that affects women, of course, but also relationships. We have reproduced a representative sampling of the reaction here. Thank you for your comments, pro and con. And for those of you who would like more information about this benefit of milk, we have provided some links below.”

Click on the image below to play the Got Discussion video.

Got Discussion Site
Got Discussion Twitter feed


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